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Pledge for Earth Rights Defenders

Sign the pledge

Sign the pledge in support of earth rights defenders and connect to future earth rights defender actions:
“I reaffirm the important role that earth rights defenders play in protecting our planet and strengthening democracy. I commit to support their work. In the course of my own business activities, I commit to engage with stakeholders – and critics – in a meaningful and constructive way.”

Strategies in Action

Case: Sahu v. Union Carbide

In Bhopal, India, people continue to suffer from water contamination. And no one is taking responsibility. In 1984, the world’s worst industrial disaster – a toxic gas leak at a

Case: Barrick

Security guards for world’s largest gold mining company rape and kill locals in Papua New Guinea. For decades, security guards at Barrick Gold Corporation’s gold mine in the remote highlands

Case: Campos-Alvarez v. Newmont Mining

Shooting Peaceful Mine Protesters in Peru. In Peru, police brutality against earth rights defenders is a systemic problem especially in the context of extractive industries. One emblematic example of police

Case: Norperuano Pipeline Contamination

A pipeline in the northernmost Peruvian Amazon has been spilling oil and contaminating communities for 50 years. The pipeline is operated by the Peruvian government, through its state-owned oil company